global fulfillment

Need a global fulfillment partner? Key aspects to check for

Posted on 6 10 月, 2023

If you have realized the need for a global fulfillment partner, read on further to know more.

International manufacturers play a significant role in the success of an ecommerce business. These are the people you can trust to source globally while managing other aspects of ecommerce business – sales, storage and shipping.

You need a fulfillment partner when demands get high, and you are not sure how to scale up your current setup to accommodate global fulfillment needs. Countries like China have excellent manufacturing capabilities along with outstanding fulfillment services to derive the growth of your ecommerce business.

global fulfillment

In a difference scenario, if you are managing your own international warehouse, you have to bear unnecessary expenses during slow times. A fulfillment partner is the way to mitigate these risks along with other potential benefits. Rely on your fulfillment partner to free the time of your team to focus on growth strategies of your business.

Global fulfillment

First of all, you need to figure out your international ecommerce needs, and then scan the potential fulfillment partners who can accommodate your needs and scale up to meet your requirements.

What to consider when hiring a fulfillment partner?

Capacity matters the most. It all starts with a warehouse, and if it can’t scale up, it can impact your business. You should rather focus on hiring a fulfillment partner who can offer capacity to scale up with your business.

Integration ability comes next – it means they should not require you to shift your technology. Rather, they should be able to integrate with your existing store.

You can ask for value-add services like importing products. A fulfillment partner also handling logistics can be a great addition to your business.

Bundling items, bulk orders, high demands are other aspects to ask for.

AE Supply Chain is your global fulfillment partner in China with features like low cost solutions, wider resources, customized services, and transparent communication.


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