E-commerce Fulfillment and Customer Service: What’s the Connection?

Posted on 26 12 月, 2023

In the online shopping world, how your orders are handled connects directly to keeping customers happy. This guide breaks down e-commerce fulfillment, showing how it works, ways to find the right service, and what methods are commonly used. 

Learn how to pick the best e-commerce fulfillment service to make sure your customers stay delighted. Let’s dive into the link between order processing and happy customers!

What is E-commerce Fulfillment?

E-commerce fulfillment is the behind-the-scenes magic that makes sure when you order something online, it gets to you just right. 

It involves picking the stuff you ordered, packing it up, and sending it your way. Think of it as the smooth process that turns your virtual cart into a real package at your doorstep.

E-commerce Fulfillment

Here’s a breakdown of the key stages

Order Processing

  • Begins when a customer places an order online.
  • Information is transmitted to the fulfillment center.


  • Skilled workers select the specific items from the inventory.
  • Involves using technology like handheld devices to ensure accuracy.


  • Selected items are carefully packed for shipping.
  • Includes choosing the right-sized box and adding protective materials.


  • The packed order is handed over to a shipping carrier for delivery.
  • Various shipping methods may be chosen based on customer preferences.


  • The final stage involves delivering the package to the customer’s specified address.
  • Reliable carriers play a crucial role in ensuring timely and safe deliveries.


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E-commerce fulfillment is more than just moving products—it’s a streamlined process ensuring that what you order online arrives at your doorstep accurately and on time. This seamless process contributes significantly to the overall customer experience.

How to Find Customized Fulfillment Services?


e-commerce fulfillment service

Finding the right fulfillment service is like picking the perfect teammate for your online store. Here’s your playbook:

Know Your Needs:

  • Understand your product types, order volumes, and shipping destinations.

Research Providers:

  • Look for fulfillment services that match your specific needs.
  • Check their track record and customer reviews.

Technology Compatibility:

  • Ensure their systems can seamlessly integrate with your online platform.


  • Choose a service that can grow with your business—flexibility is key.

Shipping Options:

  • Confirm they offer the shipping options your customers prefer.

Cost Transparency:

  • Be clear on their pricing structure to avoid surprises.

Customer Service:

  • A responsive and helpful team is invaluable. Test their customer service before committing.

Location Matters:

  • Consider the fulfillment center’s location for efficient shipping. For example, if a person orders something from the USA, there is a chance that a fulfillment company from China is responsible for the fulfillment services.


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What Are Some Common E-commerce Fulfillment Methods?

E-commerce fulfillment methods are like different game plans for getting your orders out the door. 

E-commerce fulfillment methods

Let’s break down some of the common strategies:

In-House Fulfillment:

  • You handle everything yourself, from picking to packing and shipping.
  • Suitable for small businesses with manageable order volumes.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL):

  • Outsource the entire fulfillment process to a specialized company.
  • Offers scalability and expertise but may have less control.


  • You sell products without holding inventory; the supplier ships directly to the customer.
  • Low-risk, but you may have less control over stock and shipping times.

Crowdsourced Fulfillment:

  • Tap into a network of individuals for order picking and delivery.
  • Agile and suitable for businesses with fluctuating order volumes.

Hybrid Model:

  • Combine in-house processes with outsourced elements for flexibility.
  • Balances control and scalability.


In online shopping, when you buy something, there’s a whole process that happens behind the scenes to make sure you get what you ordered. It’s called e-commerce fulfillment, and it involves carefully picking the items, packing them up safely, and sending them to your doorstep.

Here’s a quick look at how it works: First, when you click “buy,” the people in charge get a message to start the process. Then, they pick the exact things you ordered from the shelves, pack them up in a box with things like bubble wrap, and hand it over to a trusted fulfillment company like AE-SCM. Finally, your order arrives at your doorstep, all thanks to this process.


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