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Tell us about the product you would like manufactured. We will source the product, and reply with a detailed quotation.

Why You Need a Sourcing Partner in China

Sourcing from China is unlike any other type of procurement based sourcing. Businesses with existing purchasing departments frequently lack the resources required to source, negotiate, contract, and monitor Chinese suppliers. When companies buying in China rely on their purchasing department, they consistently face ruined productions and low-quality products.

Sourcing from China requires a unique understanding of the cultural and local landscape while consistently remaining present during productions to ensure expected results. AE Supply Chain’s sourcing team acts as an extension to your procurement department. We position ourselves between you and Chinese suppliers to mitigate risk and ensure your production’s successful outcome.

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    Benefits of Sourcing With Us

    Sourcing from China

    Lower Costs

    Serving as an order fulfillment agent, AE Supply Chain also assists in purchasing products from China. AE Supply Chain helps clients lower sourcing cost without establishing an overseas office and hiring staff to operate it for China procurement.

    Sourcing from China

    Wide Range Resources

    We understand it is not easy to find right suppliers in China only by searching online. However, applying tactical local sourcing strategies and collaborating with China-based factories and industry alliances, AE Supply Chain is skilled in managing Chinese suppliers and has abundant high-quality sourcing resources at command, so with millions of products manufactured in China we can get you connected and assure product quality.

    Sourcing from China

    Stay Away from High Risk

    If purchase from online suppliers directly, it is not only time-consuming, but can be a troublesome and risky task. Fortunately, AE Supply Chain helps you identify and verify suppliers based on accumulated sourcing experiences together with technological means, and interconnects you with reliable suppliers.

    Sourcing from China

    Flexible & Customized Service

    AE Supply Chain offers customized sourcing services, such as sample purchase, quality check, MOQ and mold fee inquiries, goods pick-up, assisting in customs clearance and duties reduction,etc.

    Sourcing from China

    Seamless and Cost-Effective Manufacturing

    Our sourcing services are all-inclusive. Traditionally, businesses wanting to purchase directly from China would need to contract third-party resources to assist in the legal, product compliance, quality assurance, and control, as well as logistics. When we source products for our clients, we include everything into the cost of each product. We give businesses a clear, upfront understanding of their exact costs to produce a product in China.

    You may also consider buying service other than sourcing, let’s make a simple description about it.

    Buying Service

    If you already have a supplier in China and you just need someone trustworthy to make a purchase on your behalf, you need our Buying Service.

    Sourcing Service

    If you know what product you want to source but you have no idea how to go about finding a supplier, negotiating prices, arranging for samples, managing quality control, and more (or you just don’t want to handle any of that), our Sourcing Service is exactly what you’re looking for!

    How Buying and Sourcing service work? Buying Service

    You send us contact information of the seller

    You’ve found Either send us links to the products you’d like us to buy (from AliExpress or similar websites) or contact information of the seller.

    We contact the seller on your behalf

    We will contact the seller and confirm the price to see if there are any discounts or other changes.

    We send you the invoice

    We will send you an invoice for the total cost to buy and ship your products to our warehouse.

    We buy your goods!

    After you make the payment, we will buy your goods and have them shipped to us.

    We store or ship out your shipment

    Once we receive your goods, we will either store them or, if you have orders in the system, we’ll ship them out right away.

    Sourcing Service

    You tell us kind of products you’re looking for

    Send us links or details about the products you need.

    We send you our offer

    We will search for different suppliers that offer these products and send you prices for the best 1 or 2 options.

    You choose the products we offer

    Look through the options we provide and choose whichever you like best.

    We send you the invoice

    We will send you the invoice for the total cost of the order and shipping to our warehouse.

    We buy your goods!

    After you make the payment, we will buy your goods and have them shipped to us.

    fast delivery

    We store or ship out your products

    Once we receive the goods, we will either ship them out to you or store them in our warehouse until you receive orders.

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